a little ABOUT ME


A wedding obsessed, pinterest addicted, tea drinking, flower loving, excitable, yorkshire based florist and stylist. mum to 4 boys = flowers are my happy place!


I've always loved flowers.  Even as a child I would crush rose petals for 'perfume' and press wildflowers in between the pages of books. The road to where I am now started in 2001 with an afternoon at a Christmas wreath making workshop at a local garden centre. I have been hooked ever since. During the following cold, miserable January, as I moaned to my now hubby about my job as a secondary school Science teacher I had my very own epiphany. Wouldn't it be great to have a job you loved? Wouldn't it be amazing to be a florist? I signed up to night school, devoured every book and magazine I could lay my hands on and worked for free in my local shop and on weddings for family and friends. 

A move to Ireland in 2005 was the catalyst to leave teaching and really go for it as I was now free to study at college full time. The following year I set up Sweetpea Designs and took on weddings as a freelance florist from my home. This fitted around family life perfectly until a little more time on my hands meant I could finally open my own shop - Sweetpea & Thyme. The main focus was still weddings with the addition of a hire and style service. I was thrilled to win contracts for some amazing venues in and around Dublin such as The Westin, The O' Callaghan chain and Ballymagarvey Village. The latter is a truly amazing, exclusive, wedding only venue. I was lucky enough to work with them on their national wedding shows, photoshoots and TV features.

In 2014, the other half was asked to take a job role back in the UK and with a heavy heart the shop closed. But the silver lining was the time to take stock and work on which direction to take the business.  I've slowly built up the number of wedding bookings each year, discovering some fantastic venues. I've met some great new industry friends which has led to photoshoots, wedding fairs and pop up events. I've been placed in two industry awards. I've discovered a new love for learning, enrolling on courses with some of the country's leading florists. I've designed a purpose built workshop, studio and cutting garden at our new farmhouse which will slowly take shape over the next few years allowing me to run courses and workshops.  No two weeks, months or years are ever the same but I can hand on heart say I love my job and hopefully that passion will shine through when we meet. That's more than enough about me, I want to hear all about you and your plans!

Catherine x